Always a good time to get away with cheap flights to Alicante

Alicante is perhaps one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. It is situated in the south eastern part of Spanish, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Alicante in one of the most important tourist jewel in the area. For those searching for the ideal combination, Alicante is the perfect excuse to take some of the many cheap trips can always be found to this region of the Levant.

images 1 150x150 Always a good time to get away with cheap flights to AlicanteNot only are there beautiful beaches that Alicante has to offer. The town has a rich historical and artistic heritage dating from the XIV and XV. The first stop on the tour could be the Basilica of Santa Maria. Built on a mosque, this is the oldest temple in the city. Located in Plaza Santa Maria is fantastic baroque building has a single nave with side chapels. The front displays a series of friezes and sculptures made by sculptor Juan Bautista Borja.

imagesCA6Z6O3J 150x150 Always a good time to get away with cheap flights to AlicanteThe Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, which is contemporary origin of the Basilica of Santa Maria, was also built on another mosque. Unlike the Basilica Santa Maria, his style is more Renaissance. Located in the Plaza Abad Penalva, deceives with its austere appearance of sobriety, but inside one can see a dome made to more than 45 m in height.

Defense towers were built by the fifteenth century, and its mission was to defend the city from pirate attacks. There are 20 towers in good condition, showing some architectural style of great beauty, like the Tower of Veronica.

El Convento de San Agustín Canonesses houses the oldest virgin in the city, known as the Virgin Fish, which was used during processions of the faithful. Very near here we can find the Gravina Palace, now converted into a museum of fine arts entirely built during the eighteenth century, which houses works of art inside the sixteenth century to the early twentieth century.

Central market 150x150 Always a good time to get away with cheap flights to AlicanteThe Central Market in Alicante, despite having been built during the twentieth century, is another building that can not fail to be visited. Here you can buy seafood and products of the orchards of Alicante, typical of the region. Alicante In short, not only has beauty buildings and beaches, but also has the friendly personality and atmosphere of the locals. It is the ideal place to choose to visit on a cheap budget


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