Planning your holiday in Benidorm

imagesCAE51A03 150x117 Planning your holiday in BenidormIf its time for you to take your annual break and you are wondering how or where to go, you are not alone. Many economies are depressed, money is short and it’s perfectly understandable that you want the money you have saved up for your holiday to go as far as possible. A good holiday break needs to have some sun, needs to be easily accessible, have reasonable accommodations and a big bag of fun activities to choose from.

imagesCA0QFN45 150x143 Planning your holiday in BenidormThat’s why Benidorm is a perfect choice. Located inAlicante,Spain, it runs along the coast of the western part of theMediterranean Sea, and as you can imagine, will give you all you get in sunny Spanish beaches and more.

imagesCA4L9L44 150x112 Planning your holiday in BenidormIt is unique because it caters for tourists in a different way. It allows you to choose cheap hotels, all which will give you hospitality with a Spanish touch. Depending on your hotel of choice, you will find that there are many things to do other than get yourself a perfect tan, so choose your accommodation thinking about what exactly what you plan to do there.

If you are flying in fromEurope, you can take advantage of cheap flights that will land you at Alcante, an hour’s drive from Benidorm. The drive is a chance to take the scenic beauty of the Spanish countryside. Arriving at Benidorm will be a little different though. It is sometimes referred to as “The Manhattan of Spain”, and with good reason. The small town, with a population of about 70,000 people,  has lots of modern high-rise buildings. Many of the hotels in the town are nestled in these buildings, but you are still just a little distance from the beach.

imagesCA97MV91 Planning your holiday in BenidormOnce you settle in, its time for some sun, sand and beach. All you need to do is get into your beach gear and take a walk down to the sandy shores – you will find lots of other people there and it’s a great time to make new acquaintances. Once the sun goes down, you get to experience what Benidorm is so well known for: its night life. The cabaret starts at around 9pm, and goes on till the early dawn hours.

imagesCAZU5CB7 Planning your holiday in BenidormIf you like your lager, then you will be at home here. It’s a well known spot for attracting people who love to drink beer. If you’re thinking the pub scene inLondon, it’s not quite the same. Remember Benidorm is warm, there is lots of sun and evenings, even nights still hold the seaside feeling of warmth. This scene, by the way, thrives most in the summer months, so plan to get there in June, July or August.

As you plan your stay in Benidorm, remember to take the same precautions you would take with any other holiday resort. Make sure to book a hotel that has security. If you have to stick to certain kind of diet, let the hotel know in advance so that they can be ready for you. Of course because you’re going to the sun, make sure that you have enough seaside supplies to last you during your stay. Depending on how long your stay is, you can also book day trips to see a little of the Spanish countryside.



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