Record occupancy rates in Alicante hotels this August Figures throughout the Costa Blanca matched those for Benidorm last month

Despite increased foreign visitor numbers in the Comunidad Valenciana this year some hotels in Valencia have reported an “irregular” summer season, but in the Costa Blanca it seems that occupancy rates have been significantly higher than in the summer of 2015 and hotels were almost full to capacity.

Record occupancy rates in Alicante hotels this August

During August the occupancy rate in hotels in Benidorm, the largest resort, was 93%, which is more or less what might be expected in the number one Costa Blanca destination, but a far more significant increase is reported by the Comunidad Valencia’s tourist authorities in the rest of the province of Alicante. Here, unusually, the rate very nearly matched that of Benidorm at 92.6%, the highest ever recorded and an improvement of 14 points in comparison with the equivalent month in 2015.

In Benidorm the month of September has begun equally encouragingly, with 94% of all hotel rooms occupied, but in the rest of the province the traditional late summer downturn has been in evidence with a rate of 73.6% (seven points higher than last year but not as positive as the 80.7% in the Comunidad Valenciana as a whole).