Fashionable, Functional Bathing Suits For Your Body Type

4ca1ecb476ddd 150x150 Fashionable, Functional Bathing Suits For Your Body TypeThe most important thing is to be comfortable in your bathing suit. The second most important thing it to look good wearing it. Without a doubt there are swimwear lines dedicated to dressing a model. However, if you are not a mosel but want to look like one, the secret is in choosing the right color for your skin tone and the right kind for your body type.

1. To keep it simple, the first step is identifying your frame. Women can be divided into four basic body types: The apple shape is heavier in the middle, smaller on the bottom. The hourglass figure is curvy with a slender waist. The rectangle shape is a long, strait figure. The pear shape is skinny in the middle and heavier on the bottom. Now that you have identified your frame you need to accentuate the good and eliminate the bad.

2. The second step in choosing the right swim wear is to eliminate the negative. If you have lots of middle- you’ll want to choose a bathing suit that hides that. You can wear a tank style top with loose stomach and boy shorts underneath. This is most certainly comfortable for a little extra belly fat. You can make short, stubby legs appear longer by wearing a higher cut suit. Make your breasts appear bigger with a ruffle top or a padded cup. Large breasted women should avoid triangle cut bikini tops, in favor of a halter with under-wire.

4ca1e4013a8c0 150x150 Fashionable, Functional Bathing Suits For Your Body Type3. If you have a long wiry body type, you don’t want to look like one long leg. Sure your legs are an asset, but there is more to you than that. Since your long legs are so, very obvious, you’ll want to down play them a bit, and guide the eye elsewhere by making some other part of your body stand out.

4. You can accentuate the hips with a sexy sarong or a belt, preferably one that ties. You’ll want to wear a bathing suit bottom that resembles a skirt. Horozontal stripes, and a cut out one piece will highlight your curves, and draw attention away from your length. If you want a one-piece swimsuit, try one of the latest, cut-out suits. It will break up your long torso, just like a bikini does.Boy shorts are just the thing for your slim hips.

4b5c99ddbb2922 150x150 Fashionable, Functional Bathing Suits For Your Body Type5. If you are dealing with a protruding stomach with belly rolls or a bulging waistline their are many tricks you can turn to feel pretty with a slimmer waistline. The stomach can flattened using one piece swim suits with elastic at the waist. Color is important- you don’t have to hide with black. You can use beautiful, bold colors with boy shorts or skirts and a sexy sarong to play down the mid section and chunky thighs.

6. The Chest- Make sure that if you are bigger in the top you choose a bathing suit with underwire or lightly padded cups to hold you up and keep from sagging. You don’t want to choose a top that is too small and has you falling out all over the place. Choose the right size and a two piece to sqaush the illusion of sagging. One pieces always make them appear flattened or lowered, and that is not attractive!

For the small chest- you want the appearance of bigger breast, so make sure to find a good push up or padded swimsuit. Ruffles are always enhancing ans are cut out one piece swim wear with ligh padding. Stay away from tri-kinis! They will make you look flatter!

I hope you have found my tips helpful and I hope you look marvelous in your bathing suit!


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