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dress upgrade 32 Dressing For Your Body ShapeWomen’s fashion is often dictated by designers who place their clothes on rail-thin models. Because they are so incredibly slender, the clothing isn’t so much worn as it simply hangs there. In reality, women come in all shapes and sizes. Dressing to flatter your shape will not only make you look better, you will also feel better in clothes that accentuate the positive and play down the negative.

The Athletic Body Type

Female athletes who run or practise martial arts may be lean,yoga goddess latest1 300x94 Dressing For Your Body Shape while ladies who enjoy lifting weights or wrestling may be more muscular. If you are embarrassed by a small bosom or larger-than-average biceps, you should instead focus on attributes you are proud of and wish to showcase. Toned, sculpted legs can be shown off by wearing pencil skirts or form-fitting trousers. A flat midsection can carry low-rise waistlines and straight-seamed blouses. If you want your chest to appear larger, consider a modest padded brassiere and keep an eye on your posture.

Many athletic ladies make the mistake of buying clothes to fit the largest areas of the body. While you will need to purchase larger clothing, you will want to take the item to a tailor to have the rest taken in. For example, if you biceps are large, the torso and bust of your blouses should be taken in to fit. The larger sleeves, while necessary, don’t mean that the size you bought is appropriate for the rest of your body.

The Hourglass Figure

While the hourglass shape is often said to be the most desirable, it can be tricky if either the upper or lower portion of your figure is larger. For wider hips, draw the eye upward with a sweetheart neckline or eye-catching earrings. If you are a little top-heavy, try a playful belt. Accentuate whichever feature is smallest. If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure where your hips and bust are equal, highlight your narrow waistline.

The Pear-Shaped Figure

If your bottom, hips, and thighs are disproportionately large for your frame, you are pear-shaped. To make yourself appear more balanced, you want to detract attention by wearing dark trousers or skirts. Bright tops, eye-catching jewellery, and a head full of healthy, squeaky-clean hair will draw the eye upward and make you appear more balanced. If you are pear-shaped and also short, be wary of skirts that fall below your knees. Wearing a skirt that is too long can make your legs appear shorter and your thighs wider. This optical illusion is one of the most common and easily-avoided fashion faux pas for pear-shaped ladies.

brights whites glastonbury 24 116x300 Dressing For Your Body ShapeNo matter what your body shape, there are fashions that you can exploit to make yourself appear more balanced and proportionate. Accentuating your more flattering features will naturally draw people to look at them, while ignoring your problem areas. Women’s fashion has no absolute rules, so have fun and be creative with your clothes. Finding the right look for your own body shape will help you look and feel your best.



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