Child safety on the beach

How often is it that we read the horror stories about lost children.

lifeguard222 222 222 150x146 Child safety on the beachThere you are enjoying a lovely day at the beach of your holiday resort, and in just a blink of an eye your child is out of sight. Fear and panic comes over you and you start searching, shouting the Child’s name, asking  people frantically,  but no one knows….now what…?

But is all this necessary?  Is there an easy way?

Yes,  there is very good news for you!  No longer you have to panic whilst there are a lot of gadgets on the market to help, but also very useful tips in how to make beach life easier and safer for you and your children!

For starters always label the children’s clothes and bathing suits, with mobile telephone numbers and the Child’s childsafe 250 150x150 Child safety on the beach

Let your child wear a Puls bracelet like the ones you see in the hospital, bearing your telephone number etc. Explain to the child the reason for the bracelet. if you don’t have a bracelet, then simply use a water marker pen and write it on the arm!

Have you ever thought of buying a GPS tracker, for a bout 165 euros, your child can be tracked through the GPS system. This system works perfectly for animals, and handicapped people, people suffering with Alzheimer and everybody that needs some extra guidance in life.

Back to the subject of the beach, did you know that children always tend to walk in the direction that the wind blows, and with the sun on their back?  So if you need to start searching, walk in that direction.

Always explain to your child what to do when he or she gets lost, and set a fixed point of recognition. Like a flag or restaurant nearby.

life konfidence 1501 Child safety on the beachIf you are in a group of responsible adults,  organise together, who is going to take turns  to look after the children  so everyone can enjoy themselves and relax from time to time.

Enjoy and relax!

Article by Monica Luna

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