Best Ways To Beat the Heat In 2011

Here are some ways to stay cool in the Spring/Summer season this year that are sure to be not only refreshing, but sexy too. Beat the heat and look sexy doing it! See some of my favorite tips below.

1. Take A Swim- The best way to cool down is good old fashioned water. I suggest, to cool off this year, WebFamilySwimming1 150x150 Best Ways To Beat the Heat In 2011you look for new places to cool down. Travel to a beach you’ve never been to, try a new public pool or set up the sprinkler in the back yard. Whatever form of water recreation you choose, do some reserch first and you may just find a new family favorite! Be sure to look up fun family water parks in aand around your city and state. Don’t be afraid to drive a couple of hours for some family fun. Be adventurous this year, but don’t forget to clip some coupons in advance to help you save!
bachmann bill woman in thong at beach with sandy bottom4 150x150 Best Ways To Beat the Heat In 2011
2. Wear A G-String- G-Strings are a very light and airy lingerie that will offer a barely there kind of feel. When the sun gets scorching hot, less is most certainly better. G-Strings also tend to be less expensive even when you are talking about high end lingerie. Great for the budget, comfortable and cool- perfect lingerie for the Spring/Summer season.

3. Slip On Shoes/Slings- When the feet are cold, the rest of the body is cold. When the feet are hot, the rest of the body is hot. It’s very inportant in sizzling temperatures to keep your feet cool. Whenever possible, slip on shoes with open toe or the complete exposure the sandal and flip flops offer are my top picks for the Summer season. Everyone thinks of slip on shoes as totally casual- and they can be, however you can choose a heel or a sling that shimmers or one in satin embedded with rhinestiones for a intimate occassion. They can be the perfect accompanyment for your night out on the town.

4. Light/ Strapless Clothing- The more exposed your skin, the more comfortable you will feel in the heat. Off the shoulder dresses and shirts are a very popular and trendy style this year. It also happens to be very sexy and cool for your skin. Every light breeze will caress your skin and make you feel like an instant success when you dress smart and with style this season. My favorite way to “beat the heat” in style this summer is an off the shoulder dress. Sexy, alluring and smart.

5. Satin Lingerie- What can I say? Their is nothing caresses the skin and feels weightless on your skin Free shipping 5 Pcs Blue Satin Lingerie1 150x150 Best Ways To Beat the Heat In 2011like satin. Weightless equals cool. Satin has a silky feeling worthy of goosebumps. It slides right on and right off, it is easy to clean, sensual, long lasting and men just love the way it feels and looks. My top pick for lingerie that “beats the heat” this year is most superbly satin.

Last, sweat is not romantic on a fancy date or an evening event that requires exceptional dress. Although sometimes unavoidable, make sure you are well prepared with light fabrics, softly scented perfumes and a great deodorant that won’t turn your pits and clothes white. Remember, less is better and cool is the new hot!

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