Travel with a high or low cost budget in Valencia?

The thought of travelling to Valencia might sound expensive, and a luxury to you as Valencia is well known for being exclusive with a jet set image.

marina real port valencia 150x144 Travel with a high or low cost budget in Valencia?For example there are prestige sailing events held in the port and large fashion parades in the city. The Valencia Fashion Week hosts many shows with famous designers and people visiting the city from all over the world. The Formula One has its roaring engines, smell of burnt fuel and excitement as well, So if you are a person that ´dances with the stars´ you should dress up for the occasion and check out these events and places.

logo universtiy 150x107 Travel with a high or low cost budget in Valencia?Valencia is also very popular and well known for its University accommodating students from all over the world. Many successful people have received an excellent education from within these walls.

Travelling on a low cost budget to Valencia is not that difficult. Due to the many students the city has to accommodate, the volume of tourism, the numerous sophisticated places to enjoy, Valencia caters for every body to suit the individual’s pocket.  If you are looking for a cheap meal or fancy visiting the hot spots in Valencia you can either go in to the Barrio del Carmen, take a trip around the Valencia University or the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.  Please don’t get scared off by the expensive looking restaurants, apart from their regular expensive a la carte menus they also serve a cheaper daily “menu del dia”.  A menu ¨del dia¨ is a pre-set 3 course menu of the day which usually includes bread and coffee in the price. If you are lucky they might even throw in a glass of wine too!

untitled1 Travel with a high or low cost budget in Valencia?Another cheap way of experimenting with different dishes is to ask the chef for “degustacion” in the menu. This simply it a sort of a Tapas menu in which they provide you with all kinds of small portions of local or regional dishes from Valencia. An ideal way to enjoy this dish is to ask them to serve it all at once!

Travelling with a low cost budget often means adapting to circumstances as and when they present themselves. Take advantage of the situation!

Why not change your traditional eating habit and go ´Spanish´, you never know, you might enjoy it! For example you could enjoy a light Spanish breakfast about eight o’clock every morning. The Spanish bars are very popular at this time of morning and are often full of hungry clients. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, tostada con aceite or tomate (olive oil and salt or mashed tomato). About eleven o’clock they will have their coffee with a snack. If it is not too early for you, you can even try one of their many beers on offer. Lunch is normally about two o’clock in the afternoon. Seven o’clock is usually diner time, what the Spanish call ´Cenar´ this normally comprises of a light meal or Tapas.

paella valenciana 150x150 Travel with a high or low cost budget in Valencia?Valencia is the city where paella was invented. Paella is also the most common dish in the restaurants of Valencia. Not only is there paella with fish, shrimp and mussels but often it is served with goat meat, chicken, rice and vegetables.

If you are adventurous and prefer to make your own paella, you can buy the ingredients at Mercado Central and try cooking it yourself.

In the historic market they sell all the local delicacies that Valencia has to offer. Be sure to get there early because it closes at two o’clock in the afternoon and you get a better choice of products the earlier you arrive.

So why not pack your bags and treat yourself! Buen viaje!

Monica Luna

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