The Mediterranean Cuisine in Alicante

Mackerel 150x150 The Mediterranean Cuisine in AlicanteThe following factors spring to your mind when thinking of Alicante fine dishes, freshness and high quality. The local delicacies have their own identity by giving a great deal of significance to the rice and fish combination, which is in fact its foundation.



Rice is not surprisingly at the top of the list with regards to Alicante recipes and delicacies, and there are numerous several types of rice dishes to be tried here. While Paella is the best known Spanish rice dish, the province of Alicante has many dishes of its own. In fact many of its restaurants are called arrocerias, or rice restaurants.

Just about every restaurant in Alicante provides some variation on paella, the city’s most celebrated dish. The age-old one-pan recipe pairs short-grained rice with so-called “poor mans” ingredients like rabbit, chicken, and snails. The all-seafood version, often taken by outsiders to be the most authentic paella, is basically a later development.

Typical Rice Dishes

Rice1 150x150 The Mediterranean Cuisine in AlicanteIt is the Moors we can thank for introducing rice to Eastern Spain in the 8th century.

Some of the more well-liked dishes are as follows;- Arroz a la banda, made with fish and stewed in fish stock, Arroz a la Alicantina, chicken and rice with shellfish, and dried red pepper, Caldero, stewed with fish, El Arroz con Costra, rice with baked egg on top, Arroz Negro, with squid in its own ink, and Arroz con Conejo, rice with rabbit.

Try additionally the rice a la alicantina, a wonderful combination of rice and chicken, with shellfish and seasoned with a touch of red pepper and the arroz a banda, rice in fish broth.

You have to have quite a pretty strong stomach for the Paella Negra. Its not a dish that traditionally you are going to say was appetizing to view.


Seafood is naturally very popular here in Alicante, with a history of fishermen operating out of Alicante and other seaside towns sprinkled along the seashore. The type fish caught here are Sardines, Red Mullet, Tuna, Anchovies and Palayas. Shellfish consists of red prawns, cuttlefish, octopus and squid. Various seafront restaurants prepare and present these in the form of salazones, frying the fish in batter.

Desert – Turron

food turron 150x150 The Mediterranean Cuisine in AlicanteDefinitely the most famous desert of Alicante is Turron, which is a form of nougat produced using honey and almonds. This is typically eaten about Christmas time, but is available all year round. The authentic manufacturers are those from the town of Jijona. It’s true to mention that the Moorish impression of the past in the area has had a major influence on Alicante . Dried fruit and nuts are popular in dessert dishes.


A word you are going to hear very often in Alicante is “tapas”, actually the phrase for a broad selection of appetizers in Alicante and Spain.

We have been all familiar with Tapas bars, but did you realize that the origins of the bars began in Alicante! Tapas bars are an additional way of eating out that doesn’t have to rob the bank!

Tapas are served all through the city given their Alicante origins. A great place to start a tour of the Tapas bars of Alicante may be the area around the Town Hall Square and the Plaza de Montaceta area. 


Make sure you request for the best guidance for one of the wines that finish off the excellent dish. Taste the white wines from La Marina district, or the red wines from Vinalopo. Please don’t overlook the Sangria, a wine punch seasoned with chopped fruit, honey,and  brandy with a small quantity of gaseosa.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very an essential ingredient in Spanish cooking. The olive oil is used to season salads and vegetables, to fry and even in place of butter on bread or toasts. Garlic, peppers, tomatoes and parsley are also very important ingredients in most Spanish dishes.


Cheese is made from natural goat milk.cheese1 150x150 The Mediterranean Cuisine in Alicante

What’s unknown in other countries is Spanish Cheese. Forget about all other cheeses you know, if you just once check out a real Manchego cheese you will never find something similar.

Queso tierno is often a quite fresh cheese. It truly is very creamy with a soft taste. It is perfect for breakfast and desert. If you serve it with fresh sweet green grapes and red wine your friends will definitely really like you. In Spain we use to say:- “Uvas con queso saben a beso”. That means, Grapes with cheese tastes like kiss. A saying that is so very true!

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