The best part about taking a holiday

Everybody likes taking holiday, and everybody likes it for different reasons. Depending on where you’re going, who you’re with and the time of year you’ll be looking forward to different things. For instance you might be anxious for:

Tan The best part about taking a holiday1. A tan: Having a tan always looks great. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the middle of the summer and everyone has one, or better yet, it’s the middle of winter and no one but you does. Our skin craves vitamin E. It craves warmth and a golden glow. Some people like to lay out on their chaise lounges all day long. Others prefer to be in the water or playing some kind of sport when they’re in nice weather. They say that those doing activities get better tans than those laying out. Something to bear in mind.

Beach sports The best part about taking a holiday2. Sport: There are some sports that require going away to do. Such sports include, but are not limited to, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, cave jumping and more. For lovers of those sports, holiday time is often dedicated to doing them. There are few things a skier loves more than waking up early to get first tracks in the morning, skiing until the mountain closes and then getting cosy in their lodge over a glass of wine in the evening.

3. Old friends: If you live abroad, holiday time might be spent going home for a visit. This might not feel overly special, seeing as it’s your home and you’ve probably spent most of your life there, but when you’ve been missing your friends, family and the familiarity of the streets you grew up on, then there is really no more special way you could possibly spend your time. I’m always surprised by how quickly I slip back into the swing of things at home.

4. New experiences: How will you ever see anything new if you don’t book some of your holiday time to go somewhere you’ve never been? Discovering new places, people and cultures is a priceless experience. Collecting stamps in your passport can only be achieved one way – by going places. Think of all of the places you’ve always wanted to go, order them and then start saving your money.

imagesCA3V3BP9 150x131 The best part about taking a holiday5. Rest: Perhaps you’d like to spend your holiday time being pampered. If work has been insane, family exhausting, and life feels more like a rat race than it does a joy ride, you might want to treat yourself to a weekend at the spa, or a few days in the quiet countryside. A few nights of deep sleep, some yoga and yummy meals will do wonders for your body, mind and energy levels.

How will you spend your next holiday?


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