Packing Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

%name Packing Tips Youve Never Heard BeforeGoing on a trip is always exciting—lots of new places to see, people to meet, stories to tell, and experiences to have. But there’s also that one thing that you hate about it and it’s called packing. Packing for things can be annoying and tedious especially if you have too many things and you cannot decide which of these to include in your luggage. To avoid this stressful problem, here are smart packing pointers that you should consider.

Plan, plan, and plan

First, know what you’re going to do during your trip. List down all the activities that you plan to include in your itinerary so that it would be easier for you to come up with a packing list. Don’t forget to consider the weather as well. Write down a packing list that would include not only the things to bring but also how many of each you’d need to pack. You say you’re going to bring underwear, how many pieces exactly? The importance of the packing list is giving you an overview of what you’re packing so you know if you’re under or over packing.

Opt for the more versatile items in fewer quantities

%name Packing Tips Youve Never Heard BeforeInstead of packing a dozen pair of underwear, opt for 3 pairs of quick drying underwear that you can wash and dry overnight. Instead of brining your entire wardrobe, you can pack the items that you can mix and match so you get to have a different look each time you go out. Go for those that are easily washable and don’t wrinkle easily. If you are bringing your baby to the trip, go for highly absorbent diapers that would require less pieces to pack.

Choose lighter items to pack

In packing, it’s not always the quantity of the things that you should minimize but also the weight. Always opt for the lighter things to include in the luggage. For example, if given a choice between a bulky DSLR and a high quality point and shoot camera, the latter would be the more practical choice unless you’re on trip to document the natural environs of endangered species. If you’re going to pack several shoes, wear the ones that will take up more space and pack those that are lighter. For instance, wear your boots for the flight and pack your flip flops inside the bag, and not vice versa.

Put things in miniature travel containers

%name Packing Tips Youve Never Heard BeforeInstead of bringing a huge bottle of shampoo to your out of state camping adventure, it would be a better idea to transfer sufficient amount in a smaller bottle. Same is true for medications, toiletries, and so on. Just make sure that you bring enough especially your medications. If possible, buy the items where you’re going so you don’t have to carry them in your luggage anymore.

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