Finding New Travel Games For Kids

Finding New Travel Games For Kids

TravelKiddy shop 150x150 Finding New Travel Games For KidsFinding the right games for the type of trip your family and you will take for your vacation will have you looking for travel games for kids that have the ability to exercise their brain and keep them occupied during play. There is plenty of free time that family trips that are taken regularly will have, and as the these vacation come and go every year it becomes a challenge to find different engaging travel games for kids than the years before.

Using the best information source available to you today makes the job of finding travel games for kids a little easier. Now, even if you are having difficulty in choosing new and engaging travel games, this avenue will give you the information you need to find these new games out on the market. When your search comes back their will be sites that have just a small section of travels games and other that are dedicated to this as their sole target audience. These are the sites that you should be accessing for new ideas in games. Many manufactures will entice users to purchase their games by giving a stock of these new kids travel games to dedicated websites in the field.

TK ad 150x150 Finding New Travel Games For KidsThis is where you will find the best new ideas in travel games for kids. Not only do they have the best selection but there other activities that can be accessed like downloading coloring book pages to be printed out to bring with, of some of their favorite cartoon characters. Coloring for any child, is a stimulating experience in that they feel like they have accomplished something. This also holds true with older children in your family and the only difference is in the way that they color it. Some of the young adults today you can go very neatly and create pieces of art just from coloring. These colorings can be put away to keep up with memorabilia that you get from each of your family vacations.

Using some of the tips that have been doing here will help you, as a parent, to find you and engaging travel games for kids that you can bring during times when travel is needed during the family vacation. Using the Internet to find new travel games for kids should be your only source to find games to teach and keep the sanity of all involved.


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Child safety on the beach

How often is it that we read the horror stories about lost children.

lifeguard222 222 222 150x146 Child safety on the beachThere you are enjoying a lovely day at the beach of your holiday resort, and in just a blink of an eye your child is out of sight. Fear and panic comes over you and you start searching, shouting the Child’s name, asking  people frantically,  but no one knows….now what…?

But is all this necessary?  Is there an easy way?

Yes,  there is very good news for you!  No longer you have to panic whilst there are a lot of gadgets on the market to help, but also very useful tips in how to make beach life easier and safer for you and your children!

For starters always label the children’s clothes and bathing suits, with mobile telephone numbers and the Child’s childsafe 250 150x150 Child safety on the beach

Let your child wear a Puls bracelet like the ones you see in the hospital, bearing your telephone number etc. Explain to the child the reason for the bracelet. if you don’t have a bracelet, then simply use a water marker pen and write it on the arm!

Have you ever thought of buying a GPS tracker, for a bout 165 euros, your child can be tracked through the GPS system. This system works perfectly for animals, and handicapped people, people suffering with Alzheimer and everybody that needs some extra guidance in life.

Back to the subject of the beach, did you know that children always tend to walk in the direction that the wind blows, and with the sun on their back?  So if you need to start searching, walk in that direction.

Always explain to your child what to do when he or she gets lost, and set a fixed point of recognition. Like a flag or restaurant nearby.

life konfidence 1501 Child safety on the beachIf you are in a group of responsible adults,  organise together, who is going to take turns  to look after the children  so everyone can enjoy themselves and relax from time to time.

Enjoy and relax!

Article by Monica Luna

“Toddler Travel Kits To Keep The Little Ones Busy”

This article gives some tips on things to prepare when travelling with a toddler.

TravelKiddy shop 150x150 Toddler Travel Kits To Keep The Little Ones BusyIt can be a very long car ride with little ones, but keeping them busy with toddler travel kits will definitely make your ride much quieter for everyone.  If you have never taken your young ones on a trip before, it can make for a really long day as kids need to be entertained and it can be very boring for them.  So, whenever you are planning a trip, it is important to find the right toys to keep them busy and involved.  There are plenty of travel toys for different age groups to keep them entertained for hours, if necessary.  Lets get some more information about travelling with a toddler and how to make it easier on them and everyone else on the trip.

MD 3781 1 Toddler Travel Kits To Keep The Little Ones BusyWhen you first start out on a trip, that will be the easiest part of the journey.  The children are excited and taking in the sights as well as talking.  Unfortunately, that is only going to last so long.  They may start getting antsy, crying and want to get up.  This is when you need to pull out your bag of goodies and let the fun begin so that they are not so bored.  The question is, what types of toys and things will keep children entertained?  Fortunately, there are many types of activities that children will love and the best part is that you can find things that will not cause a mess.  Believe it or not, there are stores that have great activities for children of all ages specifically for travel.  You may find that you will be able to find a variety of toys and things for kids to do on the Internet.  There are plenty of stores that will have ideas and suggestions and the right things to travel with your little ones.

For instance, you will find things that will not require you to help them.  They will be able to play independently without your assistance so that you can concentrate on the road or do other things.  The types of activities can include colouring book with crayons, activity book made easy for toddlers, stickers to create a scene, pad of paper to draw, lacing cards, and much more.  This will help them be creative while keeping entertained as well.  Also, dont forget some little toys such as little cars to push along, stacking toys, and anything else that interests them the most. 

TKT 1 Toddler Travel Kits To Keep The Little Ones BusyThe main thing is to pick out things that will keep them entertained by using their imagination and being creative.  Before you know it, the time is going to be much faster for everyone as your child is enjoying the many little things that is meant just for him or her.  There are many stores that will have traveling toys for your convenience.  Toddler travel kits to keep the little ones busy is definitely a necessity for a peaceful trip.


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Tips for Flying With a Toddler

flying with kids 300a 071510 150x150 Tips for Flying With a ToddlerSometimes it cannot be avoided, taking a child under two on a plane for an emergency trip. Perhaps you have heard (or even experienced) horror stories of being trapped on a plane for two hours while a baby screeched the entire time. Maybe, too, you were the person who sat next to the harried mother as she tried to soothe her squirming infant. To be the harbringer of such misery is not a welcome prospect.

However, a plane trip with a toddler or infant need not be a harrowing experience, for the mother or other passengers. By taking precaution and taking care of your child, you can arrange for an easy ride.

Have the child’s birth certificate ready: Though you don’t need to purchase a ticket for a child under two (the child can sit on your lap for the flight), you will need to show proof of your child’s age and custody. Be sure to have your child’s birth certificate handy when you show your ID at check-in.

Consolidate personal effects and baby’s things: Most airports will allow you to take a stroller to your gate, though you will have to put the stroller through the X-ray. Therefore, be prepared to watch over your child in this time. A younger baby in a car seat will be fine, but remember to keep a firm hand on a toddler of walking age so he doesn’t stray. To this end, it is best to check in as much luggage as possible and carry only the essentials – ID, money, wallet, diapers and baby items. Rather than carry a purse and diaper bag aboard, it is helpful to consolidate everything into one bag. Less to carry, less worry.

isa airplane 150x150 Tips for Flying With a ToddlerFeed and change baby before boarding: Keep your baby clean and happy before boarding, and transfer that good feeling as you enter the plane. Try to coincide your baby’s mealtime as close to your flight as possible, and always keep snacks ready for the flight to calm any fits (graham crackers for a solid eater, an extra bottle for an infant). If you breastfeed, consult with the airline before your flight to determine if there are any privacy options, like the possibility of an extra seat in the back of the plane to use. If your flight is full, keep a baby blanket on hand should the need to nurse arise.

Sometimes, a trip will not always go as planned, and your baby may need changing during flight. Anyone who has had the arduous task of changing a baby on board a plane will tell you it is not easy! Consult with the airline before you leave with regards to your options. You may find, too, you are flying with some very understand passengers who may be willing to help.

Bring a diversion: A favorite toy or blanket, a book, or a set of keys may provide entertainment for a child unwilling to nap during flight. By keeping the child’s focus in one place during the flight, you can prevent fits and distraction of other passengers.

Have a bottle or pacifier for the descent: A child’s ears can be very sensitive to the drop in air pressure as a plane makes it descent. Just as your own ears “pop” so will the child’s, and it is a pain they cannot understand or bear. While adults will chew gum to relieve the discomfort, a child cannot do the same, so it is important to have a pacifier or bottle handy during descent. The sucking motion will help ease the pain of pressure for the child.

Planning ahead and proper diversion will help make a child’s plane trip easier, for the child, the mother, and fellow passengers.

Kathryn Lively writes for journeyPod, luxury travel site and podcast.