5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destination

imagesCA7UGT21 150x131 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationWith so many holiday destinations in Spain to choose from, it can be a bit muddled trying to settle for the best one. You want to get there in the shortest time, have great fun, enjoy conveniences and a night life as well as be safe. One destination comes to mind right away at the mention of these things and its Benidorm. There are numerous reasons to choose it out of all the other holiday resorts in Spain, and lets have a look at just 5 reasons why:

1. Its easy to get to

If you are flying in from the UK, you enjoy the advantage of low coast airlines and speed in arriving there. Check airline rates, make your comparisons and book a cheap one. It doesn’t have to be all cozy if you can’t afford it – you get there in about 2 hours, and there is lots of refreshment on arrival so you can save on flight costs. Make your bookings off-peak if you can, because popular destinations like these have more expensive flights in peak season.

2. Great weather

imagesCAJN7N91 150x119 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationIts sun, sun and more sun. Benidorm sits along the Mediterranean coast, and as you can imagine with many of the towns that are situated here, they get sunshine for most of the year. If you have been cooped up in an office since your last holidays and have not had enough sun, this is a great way to catch up. There might be the occasional summer shower, but the air is still warm. Make sure to carry your suntan lotion and any other beach supplies that you may need.

3.  Can accommodate kids

Parents know that when you are planning for holidays with children, you have to be extra careful. In Benidorm, both man and nature have taken care of this for you. The beaches are safe for children – they don’t get deep until way off, and most of the hotels have facilities that are safety-proofed for children. Tell the hotel in advance that you will have kids so that they can plan to cater for them.

4. Great food at low costs

B benidorm home pic 4 150x125 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationSometimes holidays can be soured by over-expensive food, but not in Benidorm. You get a variety of food ranging from authentic Spanish cuisine to international varieties, and all the food is cheap. You can decide to include meals in your accommodation plan or you can outside of your hotel, but either way, you will be spending very little on food.

5.  Cheap Hotels

Many people want to spend the minimum that they can to have a great holiday, and at Benidorm, you get just that. Hotels are cheap and competitive which means that they all try to offer the best service for the least that they can. All you need to make sure is that the hotel is safe and they are able to cater for any special needs if you have them.

caparica2 150x150 5 good reason to choose Bendiorm as your holiday destinationThat’s five reasons that make Benidorm a great holiday destination, and we have not talked about all the fun things that you can do yet. There are things to choose from, either in Benidorm or outside, so that your days will be full and your nights too. You can take excursions to see the vicinity, you can go for water sports, you can go shopping or you can go mountain climbing. At night, the clubs and discos come to life with cabarets that will keep you busy until morning.


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